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Set on the paradise island of Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten, featuring the creme of international DJs and electronic music talent, SXM Festival prides it itself upon drawing the most discerning crowd of music lovers. A reaction to large, faceless festivals around the world, year one of SXM saw an influential group of dancefloor aficionados – who value and respect the scene’s history and culture – come together in beautiful surroundings to dance together and experience the joys of one of the Caribbean’s most fun and friendly locations.

Situated in the heart of the Caribbean, Saint Martin is a very special place, with a diversity that springs from its historical role as a crossroads for travelers in search of the New World. Its culture and energy stem from Dutch, French and British traders who brought their European traditions, alongside Africans who brought the language and culture of West Africa. Meld this with an Island of unparalleled beauty and you have a perfect combination – and all just a short flight from North and South America.

A small island where temperatures hover in the 80s all year round, this dual territory paradise (one side of the island is French, the other Dutch) features rolling green hills, endless sandy beaches and inviting tropical seas. The mixture of cultures characterizes this magical place, creating a bohemian, vibe that echoes that of the White Isle.

The name ‘SXM Festival’ is derived from Saint-Martin’s three letter airport code SXM. SXM airport is the second busiest international airport in the Caribbean and impressively accessible. There are 18 weekly direct flights from Paris and Amsterdam and countless flights from the US and Canada, plus many flights from South America, making this travel hub an easy destination for festival goers.

Scheduled every year just before Miami Music Week, SXM Festival is positioned perfectly to fit seamlessly into the calendar of the international music crowd. We encourage the artists to stay for the whole festival and more, making SXM their home for the week. Enabling them to take some time out from their hectic schedules, while creating a community for festival goers to mix with DJs in a holiday atmosphere.

Each day through to night, parties take place at several carefully selected venues on the island, with state of the art sound and truly inspiring production values. This year, expect even more beautiful stages and set designs, additional events in unusual locations. And of course, a number of secret after parties back at private villas, boats and beaches the island has in abundance.

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